Apollo E- Cigarettes

Apollo E- Cigarettes

Injurious to your health and to the health of the people around you smoking is a habit which is socially disliked despite the fact that smokers around the world have substantially increases in the last twenty years.  Smoking trends tend to differ on the basis of geography, life style, eating habits, peer habits etc. but one thing is for sure and that is the health implications of smoking are high for all sorts of smokers. In order to make tobacco burnable and consume able through smoking it is wrapped around in paper which when burned releases close to four thousand different types of chemical compounds that accumulate over the period of time into the human body and cause considerable damage to the functions of the body.

It is unfair that smoker has to inhale all these harmful chemicals just in order to consume nicotine which is what actually smokers crave. So what is the solution? Apollo E-Cigarettes are top rated electronic cigarettes available worldwide to clear away all the complications caused by conventional smoking. An electronic cigarette which is also known as a personal vaporizer actually utilizes battery power and a heating element called an atomizer to convert a liquid solution into vapors. These solutions are sometimes pure nicotine concentrations that differ in concentrations/strength and these concentrations are also available in flavored forms.

Apollo E-Cigarettes, E-Liquids, Starter Kits and batteries are the most reliable and most extensive product line available for you to move towards a healthier lifestyle. Apollo E-Cigarettes have the best product selection with the most extensive product range catering to all types of consumers, intermediate or advanced with five different Nicotine strengths.


Apollo E-Liquids are the best there is with more than 20 unique e-liquid flavors. Our products contain larger more powerful batteries that intensify vapor creation which not only enhances the experience of using our product but also better utilizes the available liquid giving our customers better value of money.

E-Cigarette Kits

The available product line of E-Cigarette kits at Apollo E-Cigarettes is one of the most extensive that you will find anywhere.  Our different kits include 1) Standard Starter Kit for £ 44.95 2) Extreme Starter Kit at £ 34.95 3) Apollo Superior e-Go Kit at £ 44.95 and 4) Apollo VTube Kit at £ 79.95 and are some of the best and most used E-Cigarette kits in the market.


The performance of the vaporizer depends heavily on batteries and their strength.  Apollo E-Cigarettes have a wide range of batteries available for our customers. Good quality batteries not only provide better vaporization but also enhance the life of the E-Cigarette product as a whole.

So if you want to move towards better healthier lifestyle then move away from conventional cigarettes to Apollo E-Cigarettes that have no ash, no tar, no smoke , no smell and are without the harmful effects of more than four thousand different chemical compounds, so do not wait and order your E-Cigarette starter kit at http://www.apolloecigs.co.uk/

Electronic Cigarettes Vs Tobacco Cigarettes Comparisons

tobacco cigarette vs e cigarette

Electronic Cigarettes Vs Tobacco Cigarettes Pro’s, Cons, and Comparisons


tobacco cigarette vs e cigaretteThere are approximately 42 million Americans that smoke cigarettes. This number comes out to over 18 percent of The United States population. This percentage has decreased dramatically since 1965 when the percentage was closer to 42 percent. Now there is a new method of smoking which has the potential to cause those numbers to rise once more.

Electronic cigarettes were first patented by Herbert Gilbert in 1965 but it wasn’t until Chinese pharmacist Han Lik lost his father to lung cancer in 2003 and developed a model of his own that these mechanisms began to grown in popularity. They were first introduced to the American market in 2007 and have since been the target of world wide studies and the development of the Electronic Cigarette Association.

But are electronic cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes really that different? Studies show this answer to be a resounding yes. Although traditional tobacco cigarettes have been dated all the way back to the 9th century, they have evolved greatly from their original design and have become far less ceremonious. Originally tobacco was used in religious ceremonies and natural forms are still held sacred by Native Americans to this day.

However, commercial tobacco is far different from the tobacco of old. Although the tobacco itself has not changed, cigarettes and cigars are not made with many additives that can be detrimental to a person’s health. Many of the additives are used to help the bodies absorption of nicotine and to enhance the flavor that cigarettes give, but they can also cause many forms of lung and heart disease.

Cigarettes can also be harmful to those in the vicinity of an active smoker. Non-smokers can breath in nicotine and other toxic chemicals that can lead to many of the same diseases and illnesses that smokers can contract. Over 40,000 non-smokers die each year from secondhand smoke and can cause premature deliveries of babies and asthma in children.

Electronic cigarettes have given hope to eliminate many of the health risks involved with traditional tobacco cigarettes. However, there has been little to no researched conducted by a national regulatory board and therefore the scientific data is limited.

Evidence does show, however, that electronic cigarettes should have few harmful qualities than other forms of tobacco and are possibly as safe as other products intended to aid with people attempting to stop smoking. But with the limited regulations over manufacturing, marketing and quality control, some remain skeptical.

Electronic cigarettes are designed to function much like traditional cigarettes. They are cylindrical and sometimes even made to look like cigarettes. They are powered by a battery which powers a device called an atomizer. These are small devices that heat a liquid which is later vaporized and inhaled.

The liquid used in electronic cigarettes is often referred to as e-juice and is made up with a combination of glycol and glycerin as well as different levels of nicotine. These nicotine levels can range greatly and options for nicotine free are also available. The liquids also come in a multitude of flavors to choose from.

Since electronic cigarettes do not contain many of the additives typically found in traditional tobacco cigarettes, the main downfall is nicotine. Nicotine has been known to lead to many heart related diseases and illnesses. It appears that while traditional tobacco cigarettes affect both the lungs and the heart, electronic cigarettes affect only the heart.

Researched is still being conducted on the effects of secondhand smoke from electronic cigarettes. Preliminary studies show concerns due to the fact that manufactures are not required to list ingredients that are placed into the liquid portion of the electronic cigarettes. Is is believed that electronic cigarettes put a nicotine cloud into the air when exhaled. Nicotine is very sticky and can remain on surfaces for several days causing a risk for non-smokers who come in contact with it.

Another concern with electronic cigarettes is advertising. Currently they are being advertised as a way to stop smoking, but currently there is no evidence that supports the success of smokers who switch to electronic cigarettes. It is feared that many of the marketing ploys that first gave cigarettes their successful momentum will be used with electronic cigarettes and therefore create more and more users of the product.

However, recent surveys have shown virtually no change in the amount of young adults between the ages of 16 and 18 who pick up smoking. According to the study many high school students have recently tried electronic cigarettes, but none have the intention of trying them again. While there has been about a one percent increase in electronic cigarette use among high school students, traditional tobacco cigarettes have shown the same percentage of decrease.

One major benefit with electronic cigarettes is the pricing. While the initial start up cost can be a bit expensive, continued use can be nearly half that of traditional cigarettes. However, as regulation begins to become a factor, pricing will most likely change and cause electronic cigarettes to be more comparable to the traditional products.

However, electronic cigarettes can be more difficult to use than traditional tobacco cigarettes. They require regular maintenance and replacement of the various pieces that make up the device and although inexpensive, can be a bit difficult to navigate. Fortunately, with the popularity of the devices there are many places to receive guidance when something goes wrong.

Another concern for smokers is the battery life of the electronic cigarettes. Some of the less expensive models tend to lose their charge quickly which requires smokers to charge their devices. This has the potential to leave smokers without a smoking mechanism and force them to fall back into cigarettes.

Currently, little research has been conducted to validate electronic cigarettes claims of helping smokers to stop using tobacco. Until the devices have been examined and properly regulated by the FDA it is hard to determine fully how beneficial or harmful they can be. Overall, they appear to be a bit more healthy than traditional tobacco cigarettes, but only time will tell if this statement will hold to be true.